Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy New Year!

I'm dusting my blog off and commited to following through on one of my New Year's resolutions - to post regularly. I have much to write and it's just a matter of putting thoughts together and applying fingers to the keyboard. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

Since Google has added features to Blogger, it will make it easier to get less caught up in the technical aspects of applying html to the css. I'm jazzed!

Watch for a new look to my blog with content that I hope you will find informative and interesting!

I hope all who wander in have a safe, joyful, healthy and prosperous 2007!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

TOASA BOGOs - Shopping for Easter & Mothers Day Now!

Now is the time to start thinking about those gifts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Graduation. It is far better to avoid the last minute hassle of trying to find the perfect gift when it is a beautiful day out and you're likely to spend more time outdoors in your gardens, on the lakes and generally enjoying the warmer weather. I am a big believer in avoiding last minute shopping and when I'm under the self-imposed pressure to find the perfect gift - nothing I see at the big box stores or malls seem to fit the bill!

TOASA Sellers are making it easy to do one stop shopping all in one place, any time day or night (hey, shop nekid if you want - just don't include webcam images, please!) And there is truely something for everyone. The Auction TOASA Sellers are now offering you price saving deals on TOASA BOGOs! Offers will vary by Seller, so please read auctions carefully, then bid away to your hearts content! The specials are across all product categories on Auctions and are active now with the special launch of the promotion running through the middle of April.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Create Personal Gift Baskets for Christmas & Chanukah on Auctions!

I love putting together gift baskets for friends and family. I try to make them as personal as possible, so that my recipient knows I thought uniquely of them. The gifts can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them. I always consider the container as part of the gift. That is part of the fun for a themed basket. Following are some possible suggestions for themed baskets/gifts:

Gift for the Gardener: Flower Pot (Clay or Decorative) – Seeds, Garden tools, Garden Gloves, weed puller, and a knee pad. This can be for the budding gardener or experienced one. Add an Ornament so that in future Holidays, they will remember your gift.

Gift for the Home Improvement Queen/or Procrastinator. (You know, the ones who always say that one of these days they’re going to get around to painting that cotton candy pink room ;-) Begin with a Paint Can bought new and unused from your Home Improvement store, or a metal paint tray. Add paint chips for the filling and color, paint brush, painters tape, corner cut-in tools, an extra roller and handle and a coupon committing to a days work helping them. If someone is having a baby or the children have flown the coop, help them convert that room. You can add borders/stencils and bottles of decorative paint. You could also simplify the gift if cost is a factor, to buying a paint can, decorate it on the outside, and simply put in home-baked goodies and a “coupon” you make on your computer, to commit to help paint/decorate a room.

Antique Ammo Container (yep, Dudes love this container, it ends up in their workshop or garage ;-) Make a themed gift for the Outdoorsman or Hunter. Fill it with supplies used in their particular hobby. If fishing; add new line, lures, bait, and a handy-dandy nail clippers and a Filet knife. If hunting, lots of camouflage, ear plugs, a new knife, and a Camouflage Santa T-Shirt for the Holidays. (Yep, shamelessly plugging Demphoto & Firemountain items ;-)

Inspiring the Chef - Use a Chef’s Pot , Barbeque Pan, Colander or Sauté Pan ~ Depending on the Chef’s interest, Barbeque, or Pasta, or Baking. Get the pan that they can use, then add a mixture of utensils, marinades, rubs, pastas, and use new dish towels or oven mitts as filler. Add items like a recipes or better yet a favorite recipe that you’ve prepared for them. Use regional themed recipes and products. Wild Rice is a wonderful product and can be found on Overstock

Pamper Yourself – Use a wicker basket that someone can use for reading materials in the bathroom and fill with scented bath products (someone once gave me chocolate and coffee scented products, I was in heaven ;-) Add a loofah, mitt, candles, lotion & scented bath bombs, maybe a new robe or fun boxers and rubber duckies. You can make this basket for any age or gender.

Other gift basket ideas could be as simple as gourmet hot chocolate or coffee in a fun mug; I love chocolate basket – self-explanatory, Snowy Day activity basket for a child (really for the parents ;-) with age appropriate activities/indoor games.

Part of the joy of the Holidays is making a gift that is truly personal and that you have fun gathering the contents. Shop TOASA Sellers at: for all your Holiday gift needs. We are a network of smaller volume sellers who pride ourselves in providing excellent Customer Service!

Happy Holidays!

Motreasures on Overstock

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Let’s face it; the Holidays are a stressful time of year! Years ago, in my psychology classes, I learned that whether it is good stress or bad stress, it still takes a toll on our bodies. There are some steps I take to make sure it is the “good” stress that I’m suffering from (like too much chocolate and home baked goodies.)

I don’t have unlimited resources to do my shopping for the Holidays. In all honesty, even when I did make a very comfortable living, I still considered the following steps to be essential for preparing for the Holidays. I have always been one to find “the perfect gift” at a reasonable price and if there is the opportunity to save money by buying out-of-season or to save on shipping or to use a coupon,...,I’m all over it! LOL

Here are a few tips I found that have helped me:

1.) Make a list of all family members/friends you plan on purchasing or making a gift for this Holiday season. Give each individual recipient a separate line or “couples/family” gifts a single line. Include your charity gift-giving. (I usually buy anonymous gifts for “giving trees” or community families in need)

2.) Pencil in ideas for each recipient. If you know absolutely the item you want to find for a person, put it in ink, and add the maximum price you want to pay. A couple of notes:

a.) Gifts you will be making; create a list of supplies. I will do a separate post on creating your own gifts or gift baskets in a future post.

b.) For children – consider creative, yet educational gifts. Something that is designed to involve a fun interaction with yourself or others would be a gift of time and a memory created. This will be a future post as well, come back and check it out! ;-)

3.) When you find an item for an individual on your list (or couple/child) purchase it or create it, write it in ink on your list – you’re done shopping/creating, and check them off as done.
Note: Practice discipline. Don’t continue shopping for them. We often find the “perfect gift” then we find another “perfect gift” and at some point, we become overwhelmed because we’ve had a conversation where it is “obvious” that the “perfect gift” is something totally different than what we have bought or created. It’s ugly.

4.) Stagger gift buying/creating out over time. You don’t need the stress of finding items last minute, nor do you need the stress of trying to get gifts in the mail just under the deadline - wondering if they are going to get there. Auction sellers are great about sending items for you and some, like me, will happily gift wrap and send a personalized note.

5.) Set monetary limits. The giving of gifts does not feel good if we are going into debt buying things that people don’t really need or want. This sounds harsh, but the reality is, I know I don’t feel good about accepting gifts from people I know have experienced or are experiencing financial hardship.

6.) Consider the gift of service or a coupon towards something that the person/couple will value. Many years ago, I discovered that a gift of child care while parents had a night or weekend away was appreciated much more so than any material item I could have given. The great thing was, I borrowed the kids, acted like a kid and had a blast, then returned them to parents who were relaxed. (Btw, if any of my friends/family are reading this, I would love to have someone who would give me the gift of re-potting my plants – I have a love/hate relationship with them.) If someone has wanted a website, to find out their family genealogy, or to organize their home, provide or buy the service for them. (I do know awesome resources for some, TOASA members ;-)

7.) Make the packaging part of the gift. I have often given consumables of baked goodies, homemade liquors, or gift packs of goodies. In the wrapping of the gift, I always include an ornament. After the goodies are consumed, I like the idea that the recipient will have something to remember my gift by in years to come. It may seem silly, but every year when I put up my tree, I spend a day reminiscing about where and when I received each ornament.

There is much you can do now to alleviate the stress of the Holiday Season. It requires some preparation and organization. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the Holidays sans the stress, or at least to have to deal with the positive stress.

Let this Holiday Season be all about enjoying time with Family and Friends, as well as sharing the spirit of the season with those that have had a tough time this year.

Maureen M. Mishler
Overstock Seller Id: motreasures
M & D Creative Concepts
Half Price Sale: Save BIG off retail prices!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Some Meandering Thoughts on Katrina & Giving

This is always a challenging time of year for me, and this year much more so. The tragedy of Katrina, has, like 9-11, left me somewhat immobilized and watching with horror the news reports, special news programs, Concerts to raise contributions and now the weather reports of Ophelia. I realize that I, like most people, feel the need to see the stories of hope and the human-spirit and feeling of community returned, so I continue to watch and read,...,it's human nature.

Many Overstock Sellers, including some TOASA members, are donating funds to a variety of charitable organizations through their auctions. Do a search on Katrina, on Auctions, and help them give with your bidding & buying. Personally, in our home, we have opted to providing direct contributions to families we knew would be housing additional family members for months to come. Our experience has been that when family even comes for a weeks visit, we spend hundreds more for groceries, to save money on eating out.

Side tangent: I've had many conversations with friends over the last 11 days who are further frustrated that they can't give as they had once been able to; they are friends who, like us were laid off of Telecom/High-Tech/Customer Service jobs, and the unemployment insurance has run out a year or two ago. We're all making our living in a multitude of ways, usually willing to do whatever it takes to make a living (while keeping our skill sets current) and supplement with pensions that weren't meant to be spent for another 10-15 years. We are all grateful for our pensions. It does make me wonder what the state of our economy will be when the Baby Boomers reach retirement age - and while we will see the human impact of Katrina for years to come, what will be the long-term social & economic impact?

On a totally different note, I, in years past had already started to do my Holiday shopping by now. This year I am way behind as I have been very busy with TOASA. My next post will be some tips to hopefully help you get started. I find if I plan ahead, I don't overspend and I feel good about giving thoughtful gifts - geared to the individual I'm shopping for and they really appreciate the gift. I also do most of my shopping on-line, as the nearest metropolitan area to shop is 3 hours away,...,with gas prices, well lets just say, it's much more economical! Plus, I get to shop in my jammies! LOL

Have an awesome week! Be back with Holiday shopping readiness tips!



Saturday, September 03, 2005

Welcome to Motreasures to Ponder!

WhooHoo! I am making a mightiful leap into the electronic media of Blogging! Another mind-blowing adventure in the Cyberworld.

I'm jazzed at the thought of sharing my musings on life in the cyberworld and life in the north woods of Minnesota!

The summer of 2005 has been an eventful one in my on-line auction world. When I came to Overstock, I was and am still a huge etail fan. What can I say, I love shopping from home in my sweats, and CS has always been great and the quality of their product outstanding! Ahhhh such was the joy of shopping pre-lay-offs. ;-)

I digress,...,I still remember the thrill of seeing the article in auctionbytes announcing Overstock was expanding to do auctions. Too cool! I signed up and started listing. Trusted Overstock Auction Sellers Affiliate was an idea given birth to and the first documents created on my birthday. I spent the day at my computer, and Darrell kept asking me what I wanted to do. I was doing it and he was helping by talking through the ideas and explaining the technical aspects/opportunities. That was the end of May.

The summer is almost over now, and we have an incredible Affiliation that has been received very well by many, far more than we had anticipated at this point. Our success is translating into additional sales for those that are actively participating.

I shall continue this on another day,....